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What do the legal experts at Kennedy Hodges have to say about injury accidents caused by prescription errors?

By continuously researching legal briefs, journals, and case studies, the lawyers at Kennedy Hodges put their legal expertise to work by providing readers with information and legal opinions about injuries and medical conditions resulting from prescription errors across the county. Check out their blogs, which cover a wide range of topics, including common causes of the pharmacy errors, symptoms, treatments, and tips on handling an insurance claim.

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Pharmacy Errors Occur Frequently in Child Drug "Mix-Ups"

Drug Mix-Up's Can Be Cause for Lawsuits: Read Below

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When Are Pharmacists Exposed to Malpractice Liability?

Learn when you may have a pharmacy malpractice claim against a pharmacist here from a pharmacy error attorney and call for help today.

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Prevent Drug Errors by Ensuring You Get the Right Rx at the Pharmacy

In order to reduce drug errors, find out from a pharmacy error attorney why you shouldn’t automatically assume your Rx is a generic version.

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Galvin B. Kennedy
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How Medication Mix-Ups Occur Resulting in the Wrong Drug Dispensed

When pharmacists make mistakes and don’t double-check their work, medication mix-ups can occur and cause injuries or death. Learn more from a drug error lawyer.

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