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What do the legal experts at Kennedy Hodges have to say about injury accidents caused by prescription errors?

By continuously researching legal briefs, journals, and case studies, the lawyers at Kennedy Hodges put their legal expertise to work by providing readers with information and legal opinions about injuries and medical conditions resulting from prescription errors across the county. Check out their blogs, which cover a wide range of topics, including common causes of the pharmacy errors, symptoms, treatments, and tips on handling an insurance claim.

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New Walgreens Policy May Cause Your Pharmacist to Call Your Doctor

Find out why a pharmacist at Walgreens may be calling your doctor before your prescription is filled. More information shared from a pharmacy error lawyer.

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Two Main Reasons Why Pharmacists Dispense Wrong Medications in Texas

Pharmaceutical errors occur for many reasons. Find out two of the main causes of dispensing errors from a Texas pharmacy error attorney.

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New Massachusetts State Laws to Increase Oversight of Pharmacies

After the recent meningitis outbreak, state officials in Massachusetts have revised pharmacy regulations, reports a pharmacy error lawyer. Read more here.

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