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My daughter is in the hospital after being harmed by a pharmacist who affixed the wrong label to her prescription. Does my family have rights to pursue a legal claim?



Yes. If your daughter was harmed in any way due to a negligent pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you should have the right to recover your daughter’s medical expenses. However, since your daughter is still in the hospital, it is wise to wait to file a claim or pursue compensation until you know the full extent of her injuries or if she suffered any long-term damages. In the meantime, report the error to the pharmacy and keep the incorrectly labeled bottle for proof.

Unfortunately, pharmacists type wrong information on prescription labels far too often. Sometimes, the labels contain the wrong instructions, wrong dose, or other wrong information that could cause patients to overdose and suffer because of the mistake. If your daughter received too much medication or the wrong medication as a result of this labeling error, you and your family should have rights to compensation.

Whenever patients suffer sickness, injuries, or death as a result of a pharmacy error, patients or their families have rights to pursue legal claims for damages. Pharmacists that are careless should be held responsible for their mistakes. Even though a pharmacist didn’t mean to cause your daughter harm, he or she didn’t do his or her job ensuring the label was correct. When pharmacy errors occur, negligent pharmacists need to be held accountable for the injuries they caused.

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