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Why is it so easy for pharmacists to make mistakes dispensing medicine?



Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians shouldn’t be making mistakes, as they are supposed to have double and even triple check processes in place to catch any potential medication mistakes. Unfortunately, it seems pharmacists are constantly in the news for making pharmacy errors, and patients suffer the consequences of their negligent actions.

Some of the reasons that mistakes are made behind the counter of a CVS pharmacy is there are many logistical obstacles that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians face every day, including: the organization of medication, sorting and filling drugs, medication verification of drug type and quantity, container choice, labeling correctness, and overall accuracy, efficiency and cost.

Not only are pharmacists faced with the above list of obstacles, but they are often multi-tasking and distracted while filling prescriptions. They could misread a prescription and reach for a drug with a similar name due to the repetition of their job. They could misplace the decimal point in the prescription and fill the wrong dose of medication because they were in a hurry and didn’t take enough time to read the prescription correctly. They may miss a labeling mistake a technician made, sending a patient home with incorrect instructions on the label.

There are countless reasons why pharmacists and pharmacy technicians could make medication mistakes that could cause patients to suffer. This is why it is critical that patients double check their prescription when they pick up their drugs at any pharmacy. However, pharmacists should still be held accountable if injuries or fatalities occurred due to their mistakes.

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