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How Can I Tell If My Pharmacist is Guilty of Malpractice?

If you’re like many Americans, you probably get your prescriptions filled at a major chain pharmacy. While this may also serve as your neighborhood pharmacy - the staff knows you, and knows what kinds of medications you typically take - it doesn’t guarantee against the possibility of a prescription drug mistake.

When these types of errors happen, many customers are willing to forgive the incident. Maybe the administration of the chain sends them a letter or offers them compensation for the inconvenience. The trouble is, how can you tell if the corporation was responsible, or if the fault lies with the pharmacist himself?

Our experienced pharmacy error lawyers know that pharmacists have three key duties that directly prevent prescription errors:

  • Dispensing medication. No matter which member of staff gave you the medication, the pharmacist is ultimately responsible for dispensing errors, including dosage errors, wrong medication mistakes, or mislabeling of drugs or instructions.
  • Counseling patients. Although it has only recently taken priority in pharmacies, pharmacists have always been responsible for counseling patients on administration of their drugs. This includes making sure the patient understands why the medication was prescribed, the name of the medicine, how to take it, the risk of potential side effects and any possible drug interactions.
  • Staff supervision. Pharmacists are in short supply across the country, and one pharmacist may easily oversee ten to fifteen technicians. Even if a pharmacy tech gave you the wrong drug, wrong dosage, or typed the wrong instructions on your medication, your pharmacist is legally bound to discover and amend all errors before they reach the patient. 

If your pharmacist failed to perform any of these actions, he may be liable for the costs of your prescription drug injury.To get a FREE, one-on-one consultation on your prescription error case, call Kennedy Hodges today at (888) 526-7616. 

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