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What Filing a Complaint with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy Involves

David W. Hodges
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If you have a complaint about a pharmacist licensed by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, you can file a complaint against that pharmacist and/or pharmacy with the Board. Dispensing errors, prescribing violations, failure to supervise technicians, unprofessional conduct and more are types of complaints the Texas State Board of Pharmacy receives and is responsible for regulating.

The Filing Process

Cases need to begin with a letter of complaint.  The formal complaint needs to be in writing and either mailed or uploaded online. Call 800-821-3205 to have a complaint form mailed to you, or access it here via their on-line complaint form. The complaint needs to be as detailed as possible including the date of the incident, name of pharmacist, pharmacy address, the prescription information involved and other relevant facts.

Once the Board of Pharmacy receives your complaint, they will review it and evaluate it to determine if the complaint falls within their jurisdiction. If the complaint does fall within the Board’s jurisdiction and if the complaint is about a pharmacist or pharmacy licensed by the Board, then an investigator will be assigned to the complaint.

The complaint will either get closed with no action, referred to another agency or result in disciplinary action being taken against the pharmacist involved. The disciplinary action generally includes the pharmacy getting fined and/or the pharmacist may get reprimanded or have his or her license suspended or revoked.

Filing a complaint with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy is different than filing a pharmacy error claim!

The difference between a claim and a complaint is:

  • If you have been harmed by a pharmacist or you are the victim of pharmacy malpractice, then you need to file a claim with the help of an attorney who will work to get you money damages.
  • If you file a complaint with the state board, they will investigate your complaint. But they do not represent you.

While you can file a complaint with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, it is in your best interest to file a legal claim with the help of an experienced pharmacy error lawyer in Texas if you have been injured from a pharmacist’s negligence.

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