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Mail-Order Pharmacy Sends Customer Wrong Dosage of Drugs

David W. Hodges
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Posted on Jun 13, 2013

A recent pharmacy error experience left a customer with a bad taste in her mouth about using Express Scripts — a mail-order pharmacy. Kathleen, the patient who received the wrong dosage of medication in the mail, is warning customers of mail-order pharmacies to be aware that these types of pharmacies are not looking out for your health.

Mail-order pharmacies, just like local pharmacies, can make medication mistakes, and clients need to make sure that they are aware of the different types of prescription errors that can occur. For example, in Kathleen’s case, her medication was auto-refilled and she received the wrong dosage of drugs.

Her doctor prescribed a higher dose of her same medication, sent the prescription over Express Script’s on-line system, and even called to ensure they received it. According to Kathleen, her doctor’s office did everything right, but the online pharmacy made a mistake somewhere along the line and sent her the older, lower-dose pills anyways.

Express Scripts — run by computers to help reduce drug errors — refilled her old prescription as well as her new prescription. She received twice the pills and owed double the bill. It appears that the company doesn’t have a way to crosscheck the information in this type of situation and sends both prescriptions. Unfortunately, some patients could have taken both medications and suffered the harmful effects.

While millions of people trust Express Scripts because they claim they are safe and more affordable, patients still need to check their prescriptions for accuracy. Express Scripts is known for providing medication for less money;  neither they nor any other pharmacy are free from error. This is why it is critical that all customers make sure they have the right dosage and right medication before taking any pill they receive in the mail.

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