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Types of Errors

Dangerous and Defective Drugs If you put your trust in a pharmaceutical company and were hurt by their product, you deserve compensation for your suffering.
Wrong Medication Did you receive the wrong medication or incorrect prescription from a pharmacy? If you have suffered because of a medication error please call us for a free case review.
Wrong Dosage Common forms of medication error: incorrect dosage error. Order our free book to learn how to protect yourself and your family from wrong dosage errors.
Other Errors Order our free book, "How to Make Pharmacies Pay for your Injuries Caused by Medication Errors, to learn your rights in prescription error cases.
Kids Rx Errors Order a free copy of The Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Children Against Pharmacy Errors. If you have suffered a prescription error contact our firm today.
Pharmacy Malpractice If you have suffered an injury because a pharmacy dispensed the wrong medication or made an error with your prescription, you are able to file a claim for negligence or malpractice and receive the compensation you deserve.
Walgreens Pharmacy Error Claims There have been numerous claims brought against Walgreens for pharmacy errors or prescription errors. Order our free book to learn how to take action.
CVS Pharmacy Error Claims If you've been injured because of a CVS Pharmacy prescription error, call us for help with your lawsuit at 888-526-7616.
State Pharmacy Boards If you have been severely injured because of a medication error, contact board-certified attorneys immediately to investigate your case free of charge.
Drug & Pharmacy Error Prevention Filing a pharmacy error lawsuit is the only way to make pharmacies take accountability for mistakes. Call our board certified attorneys for a free case review.
State Pharmacy Laws State laws on pharmacy malpractice. Learn the pharmacy error Statute of Limitation laws that apply to your state. Call 877-342-2020 for a free consultation.

What happens when the pharmacist can't read your prescription?

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Bad Hand Writing and Pharmacy Errors

Have you ever been mystified at what your doctor wrote on his or her prescription pad, because you couldn't read the doctor's handwriting? What happens when the pharmacist can't read the prescription, either? Pharmacy and medication mistakes occur. Careless penmanship and poor transcriptions have caused an untold number of prescription errors and no one is safe from the risk.

Most common prescription errors:

  • Bad handwriting 
  • Poor transcription 
  • Pharmacist malpractice

These careless mistakes cause injury, permanent problems such as seizures, loss of pregnancy, and medication interactions, even death. Learn the common prescription mistakes and three tips on how to avoid them.

Bad handwriting and prescription errors
If the pharmacist misreads what was written on the prescription pad, then you can be injured by getting the wrong medication, getting too much of the right medication, or not getting enough of that medicine. If the pharmacist is rushed due to understaffing, the important phone call to confirm what could not be read or to confirm the dosage you need because a scribble looks like a 9 instead of a 4 may well not be made.

Poor transcription and medication errors

Poor transcription when an assistant or other office personnel at your doctor's office sends the prescription can also be a problem. Poor transcription is just as bad as poor handwriting, because it causes the same medication errors. An assistant or a nurse misreads the doctor's notes, or recalls incorrectly the exact dose or medication. Perhaps there was an error in their typing, and they typed a decimal point in the wrong place. When this happens you end up with the wrong medicine, or you get the wrong dose of medicine.

Pharmacist Malpractice
If you need an antibiotic and the doctor writes you a prescription for that antibiotic, but the pharmacist reads it as a prescription for an anti-psychotic drug you can be made very ill. Pharmacist malpractice is one of the many ways you can be injured by medication misfills. Error reporting on medication mistakes is sporadic at best. There has been a push in recent years toward paperless offices, which includes prescriptions being sent to the pharmacy electronically. Some medications, due to their nature, must be written out on a prescription by law.

If you are the victim of a pharmacy error, or your loved one died as result of a medication mistake you may have a claim against the hospital, the dispensing pharmacy, or the doctor. Order a FREE copy of our book, "How to Make Pharmacies Pay for your Injuries Caused by Medication Errors," to learn more about what you can do to fight back. Order your free book by calling 877-342-2020 or by filling out our confidential online form.