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Posted on Sep 16, 2011

I went to the CVS around the corner from my house last week to get a prescription filled. I always go to that pharmacy, and usually, there are no problems. Last week, the pharmacy staff gave me someone else's prescriptions in addition to my own. I had someone else's medication, someone else's personal information, and I had no business with it!
I took it back to the pharmacy because it wasn't my medicine, and they acted like I had stolen the other person's medicine and information, until I showed them their bag, their receipt, and the information sheets that were stapled to my bag, along with the medicine still in there. They weren't even embarrassed to have done this!
If I had not taken that medicine back, the other person would not have been able to receive their medicine this month, because the insurance company would have it listed as paid for and received. What would they do without their Plavix and their Lasix?

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